Half-Life 2 makes it’s way to Mac OS X

Mac noobs finally get a chance to play one of the greatest games ever made (my opinion). After porting Portal (hehe porting…) and Steam to the mac platform, the next logical step would be the most awesome game evar! Now, I only have one question Valve: where the hell is episode 3?! There’s a huge cliff hanger after Episode 2 and with the Portal tie in, it’s gonna be fantastic IF it ever comes out!!! It’s been three years since Ep. 2 was released… It better be damn good. Stop wasting time porting games for Macs for noobs who don’t even play games and get going on the next chapter to one of the best games ever made!!! Gawsh.

What do you think?


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I'm Daniel. I like anything technology related. Video games, Linux, Video production, and all different kinds of things.
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