Half-Life 2 makes it’s way to Mac OS X

Mac noobs finally get a chance to play one of the greatest games ever made (my opinion). After porting Portal (hehe porting…) and Steam to the mac platform, the next logical step would be the most awesome game evar! Now, I only have one question Valve: where the hell is episode 3?! There’s a huge cliff hanger after Episode 2 and with the Portal tie in, it’s gonna be fantastic IF it ever comes out!!! It’s been three years since Ep. 2 was released… It better be damn good. Stop wasting time porting games for Macs for noobs who don’t even play games and get going on the next chapter to one of the best games ever made!!! Gawsh.

What do you think?

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LOST: The end of the greatest show on television.

Well it’s been six years and six seasons of the television drama LOST, and it’s finally come to a conclusion. I claim to be a hardcore LOST viewer (not hardest of hardcore), I’ve seen every single episode ever aired, listened to podcasts (Lost podcast with Jay and Jack), theorized on forums. Now, after 6 years it’s over and I am completely satisfied. For the last 3 seasons, LOST has been centered around the mythological aspects of the island and it’s history, but the series finale focused more on the characters and the relationships between these people we’ve been rooting for all these years and I think it’s the best way to end the show.

If you have never seen an episode of LOST and you watched a random episode, you’d think it’s the stupidest, most ridiculous thing in the world. For the people who started from the beginning and stuck with it, it’s really been a wonderful ride. I’m safe to say it’s the best show ever aired on television and if you’ve had the slightest interest, go ahead and watch it. FROM THE BEGINNING!

Thanks LOST, you’ve been awesome! (that’s why your on my blog!)

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App: VanillaSurf

Don’t you wish you could surf the internet on vanilla ice cream? Yeah me too. I guess that’s why the developers over at bitStorm came up with VanillaSurf for the iPhone. VanillaSurf is a 3rd party web browser for the iPhone OS devices (not including iPad) , it includes about a bazillion settings and some awesome features not found in the native browser (safari).

File Downloading: The first feature that caught my attention was the ability to download files. This isn’t exactly useful for using the iPhone, but I could see myself using this ALL the time. Say your at a coffee shop, browsing the interwebs on your phone and you find the most incredible, most amazing program or video you want to download. In VanillaSurf you can download that file, and once you return to home-base (aka: computer), type in the local server on your desktop webbrowser, and you can transfer the files downloaded from VanillaSurf right to your PC/Linux/Mac(noobs).

Tabs: Okay, this is also a killer feature. Sure, the safari has multiple windows, but VanillaSurf has the ability to make new tabs, switch to different tabs really fast. I had seven tabs loading all at the same time, i switched between them fast and without reloading the page (like stupid safari).

Full-screen Browsing: Apple, listen up, if you want me to use your mobile browser ever again? Make sure you have the ability to hide the toolbars on the top and bottom, so I can ACTUALLY see the webpage. It’s a must have feature.

Settings, settings and more settings: I want an android phone. That’s because it has access to bazillions of settings. The general population doesn’t give a crap about settings, but geeks do. VanillaSurf has so all the features you’d expect from a web browser:

  1. Loading images toggle
  3. Private Surfing(porn mode)
  4. Load tab in background toggle

and more!

Negative Points: Sometimes I notice there’s a few UI bugs, but didn’t kill the experience. When closing tabs, I often opened them by mistake. This isn’t bitStorm’s fault, but making VanillaSurf the default browser is NOT possible on the iPhoneOS which is ridiculous.

Final Thoughts: I’m not dieing… I don’t need to share my final thoughts, although i would like to tell you to download VanillaSky** VanillaSurf right now. If you are stuck on your iPhone, and want features of android, give this FREE browser a try. It kicks Opera’s arse.

[iTunes Link] [bitStorm’s Website]

*This feature is amazing, probably a first on an Apple mobile device.

** While writing this, I couldn’t stop thinking about VanillaSky whenever I typed VanillaSurf. So refreshing!

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The first awesome thing!

The first awesome thing is this website. I mean look at it, it’s just awesome. No seriously, this website is probably one of the best sites I’ve ever been to.

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